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Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink and Soar! by Martin D. Weiss


Smart investing strategies from bestselling author and America's consumer advocate for financial safety. Filled with against-the-grain attitude and seasoned market wisdom, Crash Profits explains not only how to survive, but how to make money before, during, and after a crash. Using real examples fresh from the financial pages, Weiss delineates the full range of risks facing the average American. He shows readers how to see through the lies that Wall Street tells and how to find safer alternatives to stock investing, as well as what to sell, how to sell, and when to sell (and when not to sell). Here's the unvarnished truth about investing today, coupled with the strategies every American can use to turn windfall profits while others are losing their shirts.

Martin D. Weiss, PhD (Palm Beach, FL), is Chairman of Weiss Research in Palm Beach, Florida. His previous book, The Ultimate Safe Money Guide (0-471-15202-1), was a Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and New York Times business bestseller

In Crash Profits, Dr. Weiss weaves a compelling story of Wall Street’s deceit, crimes, and blunders that gave birth to today’s treacherous investing environment. His story then crosses into the future, painting a vivid and alarming picture of the potential damage these misdeeds and mistakes could continue to cause for your stock, bond, and real estate investments in the months ahead. Best of all, Dr. Weiss gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to make PROFITS–both while the market is falling and when it recovers.

With against-the-grain attitude, seasoned market wisdom, and a fast-reading narrative style, Crash Profits outlines TEN practical strategies that will help you secure a bright financial future regardless of your age or financial situation. Using real examples fresh from today’s latest events, this invaluable guide provides a practical plan to protect you from losses and get you started immediately on a fast track to recovery and profits. With Crash Profits you will . . .
* Never get crushed by falling stock prices again
* Protect the value of your home and real estate
* Win while everyone else is losing

By combining fiction with non-fiction, Dr. Weiss' had made his extremely bearish outlook a page turner. Advice on protecting yourself from loss during such a crisis is coupled with stratgies allowing you to prosper.

By now, it is common knowledge that many in the financial community gave bad advice to public investors with the sole purpose of lining their own pockets. Weiss' description of those abuses is worth the retelling, as it offers an additional warning to all of us.

Whether you agree with his outlook or not, there is much to be gained from reading this book. His suggestions on keeping your assets in the safest banks, money market funds and brokers is sound advice for everyone. Weiss provides lists of those safer institutions.



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